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Commercial Services

Nobody takes better care of your business than CSM Locksmiths. You have worked hard to build your business so doesn't it make sense to protect it as best you can?

Every business should consider the importance of its security. Often, small businesses do not include this as a top priority because they believe they aren't vulnerable, since they are only a small operation. However, criminals sometimes prefer small businesses because large companies have the money to afford advanced security. This inadvertently makes the smaller companies look more attractive as targets.

Locked Out!!.


Our locksmiths are well seasoned in defeating locks in any shape or form. Whether you are locked out of a store or a building where your office is located, our locksmiths can do it! Please call us we can help.

Upgrade or Install New Locks


If you are a business owner, lock installation is an important thing to consider, as locks serve as the first line of defense in the protection of your perimeter. Getting the right locks installed is really quite affordable and it could pay for itself the first time someone attempts to break in. There are many locksmiths ready to provide security upgrades but it is important to make sure that your choice of locksmiths is the right one.

You can be confident that CSM Locksmiths will install the right locks and do it in a timely manner at an affordable cost. Not all locks need to be replaced. Our locksmiths can often service your lock and replace broken or worn out parts and have the lock functioning properly. We can also rekey your existing locks where we disassemble your lock and change the combination of the pins in your cylinders. The old key will no longer work and you'll have a brand new key for the lock.

If your company has a pre-existing master key system, our locksmiths can modify it or create a new one from scratch. Master keying is when you have multiple keys for a facility. The "Master Key" is able to access any lock while the lower lever keys have restrictions on which locks they can access.

Another very important factor to consider when securing your business is the vulnerability of older locks to 'lock bumping'. This involves filing a key down and using it with a bumping action to defeat the lock. This was a trade secret until the technique was published recently on the internet. Lock manufacturers have addressed the problem with new designed locks being produced. It's hard to believe, but the vast majority of locks still use older style cylinder locks which are vulnerable to lock bumping.

Commercial Services


  • Door Closer Supply and Install
  • Panic Exit Devices Locks and door hardware
  • Restricted Key Master Key Systems
  • Real estate & Body corp.

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